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Google Cloud for Retail

Retail is the most needful industry when it comes to the adoption of the latest technologies & trends. This industry is constantly under a lot of pressure to absorb future-ready technologies since the consumer is getting more demanding, sophisticated, and tech-savvy every day.

With Google Cloud Platform, Opalforce helps retail companies deliver compelling customer experiences and boost transformation across the organization by utilizing Google Cloud’s suite of intelligent solutions. We also help in enhancing retail operations by providing an intelligent, trusted, and secure platform.


New Revenue Streams

Google Cloud uses your data to understand your customer, optimize existing offerings, and create new ones to stand out from the competition.

Enhanced Productivity

Empower your process with Google Cloud tools that boost productivity, advance collaboration, and promote insights sharing about customer activity.

Unified Commerce

Built-in social and mobile competencies let your employees work effectively and act faster to deliver differentiated and customized customer service.

Fast Insights

Enhance forecasting and make changes in real-time with a reliable, secure, and flexible multi-channel platform for advanced analytics.

Google Retail Products and Services

Infrastructure Modernization

Modernize your cloud infrastructure and run critical workloads natively on Google Cloud.

Google AI and Machine Learning

AI competencies to help developers build the next generation of apps for any scenario.

Google Analytics

Boundless analytics service with unparalleled time to insight.

Google Workspace

Empower your teams with frictionless collaboration and productivity tools.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Retail

Optimized Security

Cloud computing lets its adopters access the data remotely. Plus, it also offers automation of backups and disaster recovery alternatives.


As cloud computing runs via a subscription model, retailers can save up money from buying costly systems and equipment.


Unlike conventional self-hosted models, cloud computing provides retail companies the agility to scale up and down their data storage.

Better Storage and Analytics

Give your workloads capacity when and where you need it.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As more and more cloud platforms integrate AI and ML into their services, cloud computing efficiently supports the transition of AI & ML into the retail industry.

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