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Google Cloud for Gaming

The gaming industry is always at the edge when it comes to adapting to the latest technologies or adhering to new industry norms. In fact, this sector has rapidly adopted and incorporated advanced cloud computing. It is inevitable that an evolving industry like gaming chooses top-class innovators like Opalforce.

Google Cloud Platform allows you to build, test, and deploy gaming applications on its highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. With Opalforce, you can tap into Google’s worldwide connection of managed gaming services dedicated to providing high levels of uptime and enhanced local network performance.


Unmatched Gaming Experiences

Google Cloud has more global regions that bring your games closer to your players and reduces latency for fast and responsive gaming.

Extraordinary Flexibility

Google Cloud is committed to open source and supports all languages and frameworks, to build and deploy your game on any platform or device.

Smart Analytics

Efficiently capture, process, and analyze petabytes of game data cost-effectively with serverless, scalable, and blazing-fast data analytics capabilities.

Scaling Options

Built-in auto scale features of compute resources help your game perform its best when player demand changes.

AI and ML innovations

Google Cloud’s AI and ML capabilities are embedded in our core solutions, making them easily accessible to drive player outcomes.

Secured Cloud

Along with disaster recovery and backup, Google’s cyber security experts actively monitor to protect your player and game data.

Google Products and Services for Gaming

Google ML

Optimize user acquisition, detect toxicity & cheating, and improve player retention.

Infrastructure Modernization

Modernize your cloud infrastructure and run critical workloads natively on Google Cloud.

Google AI

AI competencies to help developers build the next generation of gaming apps for any scenario.

Google Analytics

Boundless analytics service with unparalleled time to insight.

Google Workspace

Empower your teams with frictionless collaboration and productivity tools.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Gaming

Breakthrough Innovation

Deliver unmatched flexibility and path-breaking innovation.

Security & Compliance

Cloud offers top-notch security, protection, and compliance.

Modern Infrastructure

Google Cloud modernizes your infrastructure to an agile, hybrid environment.

Workload Distribution

Give your workloads capacity when and where you need it.

Better Management

Gain competencies and cost savings across departments.

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