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Google Cloud for Healthcare

Healthcare is a demanding industry that has a huge responsibility to ensure holistic patient well-being & adopt new changes as soon as they are introduced in the global markets. Google cloud provides really attentive innovation & automation this field calls for.

A Google cloud-managed service personalized to transform care models and meet the industry’s highest security and compliance requirements. Transform your business and deliver better experiences, insights, and care with Google cloud. Enhance your clinical and operational performance by adopting intelligent solutions and tools that empower your care teams and save expenses.

Connect your existing clinical data sources, such as electronic health records, medical devices, research datasets, and more. Generate various opportunities with analytics, machine learning, and practically applicable intelligence across your health data.


Developed on a Foundation of Trust

Persist PHI data confidently, with Google’s intelligent security services and the biggest compliance portfolio of any cloud provider.

Smooth Interoperability

Join disparate health systems using FHIR standards, and get end-to-end data management and valuable insights.

Harness the power of the Google Cloud

Modernize your environments while reducing cost, increasing scale and improving performance.

Innovate Constantly

Modernize your infrastructure while minimizing cost, optimizing the scale, and enhancing performance.

Google Healthcare Products and Services

Cloud Healthcare API

Single, streamlined data management solution for protected health information (PHI).

Google AI and Machine Learning

AI competencies to help developers build the next generation of apps for any scenario.

Google Analytics

Compliant, scalable virtual health assistant that brings conversational AI to health care.

Google Workspace

Empower care teams with frictionless collaboration and productivity tools.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Optimized Security

Cloud computing lets its adopters access the data remotely. Plus, it also offers automation of backups and disaster recovery alternatives.


As cloud computing runs via a subscription model, healthcare providers can save up money from buying costly systems and equipment.


Unlike conventional self-hosted models, cloud computing provides healthcare providers the agility to scale up and down their data storage pertaining to the patients' flow.

Better Storage and Analytics

Cloud computing helps healthcare providers to not just store but also manage and analyze electronic medical records, patient portals, mobile apps, and big data analytics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

As more and more cloud platforms integrate AI and ML into their services, cloud computing efficiently supports the transition of AI & ML into healthcare.

Seamless Collaboration

Through a cloud computing server, medical providers can transfer data between different doctors, departments, and even institutions, boosting collaboration for better treatment.

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